As a Mom...

Melanie Ramos

I remember when I found out I was pregnant five years ago. I was not ready to be a Mom because I felt and thought that I didn't have it in me. You know, being a Mom and being good at it.

After I gave birth, I was manic at almost every aspect of newborn/baby/toddler care. I was the usual "helicopter mom" and I walked with guilt over my head every time my colicky baby cried and failed to sleep through the night. It was a bit of a nightmare (stretching my imagination here ha!). 

Long story short, I/we pulled through - breastfed her for 3 years and 3 months (1); sent and stayed with her all throughout playschool; and now, taking care of her 24/7. 

So, as a very protective Mom, I make sure that the products I use on my daughter's skin are safe and all-natural. True, we have spent a ton on organic baby care, but we have no regrets. 

I recently launched our all-natural bug repellent. It has all the goodness of natural ingredients - the ones that you can pronounce. My family and I have been using this insect repellent, and we love it.

P.S. Did you know that Lemon Eucalyptus Oil is one of the four ingredients that REALLY help ward off those pesky bugs according to the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?

Bite Me. (Bet you can't, Moski) contains an awesome blend of essential oils that are safe and effective. And yes, we put all the goodness of lemon eucalyptus in every bottle. 

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