Do we really need to use moisturizers?

Growing up and back in my 20s, I never used any body lotion or moisturizer or cream. You see, I live in a tropical country - and I don’t like sweaty and worse, sticky, skin! So, I rarely use moisturizer after shower.

However, as I get to near the fabulous age of 4-0, I begin to notice flakes on my legs. Yep, my legs look so dry and papery. So I made whipped body butter, you know, the oil-and-butter-only type. I didn’t like it. The all-natural, non-emulsified body butter was greasy and sticky. I added beeswax to make it feel and look less greasy on my skin. But it was a disaster - it took a long time to absorb and it still felt sticky. I really wanted to start wearing moisturizer because dryness made my skin itchy - true story. Back to my formulating table, I came up with a lovely body butter with water so it’s emulsified! It’s creamy and feels decadent on my skin but NOT GREASY AT ALL. I notice a big difference on my skin as I continue to use it after shower every day. Then I made a lighter body lotion with calendula oil and colloidal oatmeal. My skin feels soft and smooth and doesn’t look dry anymore. How is this possible? Read below why we need to use lotion/cream every day:

1. Body cream/moisturizers that are oil-based (just like ours!) are full of emollients! Emollients help soothe skin and increase moisture levels.

2. They can create a barrier between the skin and the environment to help seal moisture into the skin. 

3. Thick lotion/creams that are rich in antioxidants are good food for the skin. Choose body moisturizers that are thick (high viscosity) and amped with lovely add-ons such as extracts, colloidal oatmeal, essential oils, hydrosols, etc.

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