My fave new product: Hand & Cuticle Salve!

Melanie Ramos

We launched our new product early this month! Yay! And it's my new fave - our Hand & Cuticle Salve.

I admit that my hands are the most neglected part of my body. I only had a total of three manicures after I left university. I also rarely use hand lotion, and I always have a hangnail. As my tired, dry, hardworking hands start to look more than my real age, I decided to whip up my own hand and cuticle salve that I would actually, really use every day. After three recipes, I finally made this wonder of a product that I absolutely adore.  

I made this from chamomile-infused almond and coconut oils, shea butter and organic EOs. This is my own version of gardeners' hand salve that is also perfect for a non-gardener like me. It soothes, repairs and protects tired, hardworking hands, really. 

This tub is 80g so it's perfect to stash in your cosmetic kit. Grab yours today. 

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