What to expect from a handmade soap

Melanie Ramos


It's been awhile! I have been quite busy concocting/formulating recipes for our upcoming new products! So, yay! 

I have received messages on my social media about how my handmade soap feels and looks after each use. It has been very heartwarming to receive messages from you all about how much you love our handmade soaps. All the time I spend in my kitchen are worth it!

So, what can you expect from our handmade soaps, loves? Well, for one, ours, and all other natural, handmade soaps (I believe so) are different from the commercially produced ones. You know, the ones we grew up with (wink!). After more than a year of research on making soap from scratch, I finally had the courage and made my first batch January of this year. And I never looked back. Soapmaking is addicting and very therapeutic. Never mind the messes and clean-ups after (ha!). 

1. Handmade soaps' color and fragrance will fade. Yes, even during our soap's "cure time", some scents do fade. I don't really put a lot of fragrance and essential oils in every batch I make (see, there is a fragrance calculator that I religiously follow). But I notice that the subtle scent of EOs and FOs are "activated" as I use the soap in the shower.

2. Handmade soaps that do not dry between uses can look and feel "slimy". This is nothing to worry about because this is just natural glycerin seeping out of the soap. Glycerin is usually added in commercially produced soaps - especially liquid body washes. But with handmade soaps, glycerin is naturally produced during saponification process.

3. Handmade soaps do not contain detergents. Our handmade soaps are made with caustic soda or lye, oils and butters. I use essential and fragrance oils and natural colors like french green clay and cocoa butter. I have yet to use other natural colorants and even mica. (NEWS: I will make "fun" looking soaps, too!)

4. Our handmade soaps are hard bars after a long cure but not "resistant". It means that our handmade soaps do not last longer in the shower than commercially-produced ones.

5. We do not use chemical additives and preservatives. We only use natural oils, butters, EOs, fragrance oils, distilled water and lye. Please take note that you can't make soap WITHOUT lye. Melt and pour soap bases are made with lye.

I will blog soon about tips on how to care for your handmade soap to make it last "long" in the shower. 

Hope you have/had a blessed day, loves!


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