Why use all-natural skin care products?

Melanie Ramos

There are already tons of organic skin care products in the market, online and offline. People are now more self-conscious and mindful of what they eat and what they put on their skin. Yet, commercial products still eat a big chunk in the cosmetics industry. 

There are several reasons, I think, why consumers still buy cosmetics with chemical ingredients. As a stay at home Mom, I am fully aware of the struggles in eliminating toxic products at home and switching to all-natural skincare.

1. Organic skincare products are not cheap. This is a reality. When I buy our produce from the grocery, I certainly notice the huge price gap between the ordinary veggies from the organic. This is also true in cosmetics and skin care products - I pay premium on products that are safe for my family. 

2. There are less organic products on the shelf. While it's true that there are thousands of organic beauty brands in the global market today, they are still outnumbered. And don't forget reason #1. 

3. People still need to be informed and convinced of the benefits of natural skin care. We spend most of our time on social media, and we certainly have come across articles on the benefits of mindful and healthy living. Still, people need to be convinced of the benefits of natural skin care. Not everyone can appreciate the inherent benefits of natural ingredients in organic skin care products. And sometimes, people don't really read labels. 

4. People love innovation in skin care products. I am all for innovation, really. But, I think when people read innovation and technology in skin care products, they are easily hooked (and maybe, duped). The products I create don't have breakthroughs in technology and skin care - and people might not very well recognize all the goodness in simple, back-to-basics skin care. 

5. People may not believe that parabens are actually harmful. Yes, there are debates online and off about parabens - those preservatives found in skin care products that inhibit bacterial contamination. There are articles associating parabens to cancer. There are those who insist that minimal dosage of parabens in a skin care product cannot harm the user. 

These are some reasons that I, as a mom and a household budget manager, experience and realize when I decided to switch to natural skin care. 

So, why do we have to switch to natural skin care?

First, all-natural skin care products have ingredients that are found in nature. I use raw ingredients that I can easily pronounce. These ingredients have inherent benefits and no impossible claims at all. No instant skin whitening here, yessir. 

Second, all-natural skin care products have no parabens. My products have shorter shelf-life (maximum one year) because I don't use preservatives. Remember that what we feed our skin also gets absorbed into our body. We don't want harmful chemicals in our body, right?

Third, most all-natural skincare products are handmade. And made with love. I have such high regard for artisans who painstakingly create products with patience and love. It is more tiring - there are days when my arms hurt so much from mixing body scrubs and cleaning up after! It is all worth it, though. 

Fourth, when you switch to all-natural products, you are being more kind to your skin. Yes, indeed. When we switch to green products, we are slowly detoxing our body, thus restoring our natural balance. While there are no immediate side effects like instant skin whitening and immediate clearing of acne, you will see the benefits of back-to-basics skin care in the long run. Just like practicing mindful living, you get to appreciate and benefit from minimalist skin care practices.  

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